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    Roof Repair

    Blyth Roofers has enormous experience repeating and redoing current. The Blyth Roofers team has lots of different skills which create top-quality work using all kinds of roofing material, including slate and lead, as well as hand-made tiles, and tiles made of concrete or clay, along with using materials like lead or polycarbonate cement fibre or copper steel, and tons more types of raw material.

    Blyth Roofers has the honour of concentrating on period as well as listed buildings. Via all of our specialized gear, material and know-how; our team endeavours to redo the original roofing with new top-quality roofs. We take the most care and give top attention to all the details, and that makes our team the primary choice when it comes to doing restoration roofing jobs.

    Brand-new Roofing

    Blyth Roofers installs brand-new roofs using top standards. Our team has lots of experience in both structural fabrications. We strive to install a roof that exactly meets our client’s requirements for both appearance as well as quality.

    Flat Roof Repair

    Our team’s know-how in installing flat roofing gives our clients total peace of mind. Our method of application is unrivalled, as well as we use only top-quality roofing material, so you get a flat roof that’s maintenance free and has a longevity that’s application and quality materials result in maintenance free flat roof that’s uncompromised.

    The Blyth Roofers team uses a rare type of high tensile felt system which is put down using scalding liquefied bitumen. That technique delivers superb adhesion to roof surfaces as well as the ensuing layers so as to deliver a covering for your roof that’s guaranteed to be much more superior to methods that use felts that get torched on or additional fast and simple types of applications.

    After we have completed the roof, we finish it off by painting it with solar reflective aluminium paint, which can be anticipated of lasting over 25 years.

    Rubber roofs—After we do our inspection, if your building becomes a candidate for the installation of a rubber roof, our specially trained Blyth Roofers team delivers professional installation. This kind of roofing system has a 25-year guarantee.

    Roofing Repairs

    After many years working in the roofing industry, our Blyth Roofers team is capable of delivering the top resolution for any type of roof repairs, no matter how complex it is. Every bit of our repair work is done while having kindness for your property, as well as the job gets a 10-year long guarantee.

    We are able to compete repairs that are successful, as well as lasting long-term no matter how hard it is to get to places like:

    • Lead valleys
    • The chimney
    • Flashing
    • Copings
    • Benching
    • Any slipped or damaged roofing tiles
    • Pots
    • Laminations
    • Repairs on gutters
    • Repointing of ridge tiles
    • Any replacement or re-bedding
    • Apexes and hip tiles

    Copper and Lead Jobs

    Blyth Roofers is capable and has lots of experience in using all kinds of malleable metal formation welding or moulding. Our team has lots of roof installations which represent our work quality using materials like copper roofing for churches, as we; as gutting made with copper, cast-iron or aluminium. The lead work we do includes items like lead bay roofs that have either mop stick or folded seams, as well as install items such as lead porches, along with flashings, dormer sides, and valleys, etc.

    Chimney Repairs

    If you don’t maintain your chimney it can fall apart quite quickly which can cause water to seep into your home. Our Blyth Roofers team is talented in all kind of work involving the chimney whether it’s removing it, rebuilding it or things like lead flagship, pointing or rendering. If your concrete benching surrounding the pots of flue is depreciated, it’s vital you replace it prior to the brickwork getting damaged and after that damaging the below flashings.

    Velux, Dormers and Solar Tube Rooflights

    If you require additional light or space or need roof lighting replaced, you’ve arrived at the correct business. Our team installs both dormer and velux windows along with solar tubes and flat roof lanterns. We price our jobs competitively and we are always pleased to offer advice as well as a quote if you so desire.

    Domestic Fascia, Guttering and Soffits 

    Blyth Roofers furnishes all kids of fascia or soffits or rainwater systems no matter if it is upvc in wanted colours or mouldings or in materials that are more customary like copper along with lead or aluminium

    Timber Outlined Structures and Roofs

    Our multi-talented team generates delightful and green timber framed buildings. Since we design and install all our products, it’s possible to come up with a lovely and sustainable structure that costs less when you compare it to contemporary techniques.

    Converting Lofts

    Blyth Roofers delivers total as well as partial conversion of lofts and we have experience in designs and regulations. We deliver a comprehensive service from beginning to end and never use a subcontractor. When you use our team’s electricians or other kinds of tradesmen you are assured to be in safe company. If you are thinking about altering any loft space you have, get in touch with Blyth Roofers so we may talk about the facts as well as all the different options available.

    Structural Jobs

    For any structural difficulties, as well as any conversion or modifications our pro team gives you top-quality service. Our well-informed team does huge steel constructed frameworks for structural modifications. Additionally, we serve residential groups that need modifications and changes on their house.

    We offer the right solutions for all kinds of structural issues like any damages to your lintels and arches as well as any roof slippages or structures that need strengthening, along with any movement and cracking of the structure or brickwork. The photos below show an example of some of our structural repair procedures that show repair due to extensive movement of brickwork, that uses the newest and top all-inclusive technique and technology to attain long-range resolutions.

    Period Building Restoring

    Blyth Roofers is proud of everything they do; however, we do our best work when it comes to period structures and listed properties. This is what we like best. There’s not a thing that satisfies us more than putting our skills to work preserving, reinstating, and complementing a building’s history and contemporary look. Blyth Roofers can do whatever is needed from doing roofs to doing masonry or timber work.